Flashback Creations of Momtastic

I am a pretty avid sewer of creations for my daughters and our home...these are just some of the things I have made in the past. I am willing to try just about any pattern and not afraid to embellish or change when I need to...for now the pictures of things I have made are as they are wearing them as I get into sewing for others I will get better at photo taking...but for now here they are...

These first 2 pics are of Olivia the Pig fabric into an outfit for my violin playing daughter..she wanted them to be bright and she chose the combo and design. I adapted 2 Simplicity patterns for these.

These next 2 pics are of an adapted peasant top with a clip gathering at the back and some skull appliques on the sides. G1 saw the skirt I made above and requested a shirt out of the bold black and white stripes, I love these because they are so wide.

Ms Spider lime green fabric from an adapted Simplicity Pattern and some striped gauchos

Some birthday presents for one of my daughter's friends...a cat bag and unicorn pouch and eyeglass case

These next 2 are Abigail's Pinafore Pattern by this absolutely AMAZING sewer and her blog is here if you are interested in more inspiration

My favorite curtains in the house I made...they are in our beach themed loft and I love how bright they are and when the sun shines through them they have a pink glow

This is just a simple skirt with a knit waist..the music fabric is a Japanese print on a thick almost canvasey weave. It was interesting to sew with but I don't know if I like it cause it was so thick and frayed easily.

This is the Misty skirt from Ottobre Design issue 1/2008 I love the way it poofs out a little and it has a second layer underneath that adds some color

This is a jean to skirt refurb at the request of G2. She hated wearing jeans or anything denim until recently and so I made it into a skirt and added the panels of a purple butterfly/flower print with organza cutouts

This is a skirt at the request of G1 it is made of 2-way stretch knit and it can be worn as a dress also as it has long ties that wrap around, it is the Gretchen Collection for teens by Simplicity

Ms Spider shirt again...it looks good on this shoppper...it has ties in the back!

And this is the tunic I made for G1 brown with the gold owls out of a knit fabric.

That is all for now I will pretty much sew and try anything! How do you know what you can do if you don't try and if you are afraid of mistakes just think of them as creative opportunities!

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