Missing Teeth and the Pool

Well this might be creative because the 10yo is loosing all her teeth within a few weeks and the dentist says she will loose the last 5 or so in the next couple of weeks so here she is showing off her rat teeth cause that is about all she has left lol....and she does not give them to the tooth fairy she keeps them-perhaps thinking she is gonna string them into a necklace? I dunno she is weird to be sure but quite imaginative... told her she has to get creative with learning how to gum her food for a while till everything grows back lol

And to those that have known me since my childhood you know I swam on a team for well over a decade, uh well over and it was not some of the most pleasant memories in my life in fact I go to a pool and I am inclined to have some imaginary anxiety nowadays and it takes me a while to get into the pool if at all. This girl has been fencing for over 4 years and well I can't really say much as to why she quit - because some local Albuquerqueans read my blog - but lets just say her love for the sport was squelched and smashed beyond recognition. So the past couple of years she asked to join a swim team just to learn the strokes--I put her off saying we were doing fencing and I was not gonna sign her up for two sports at the same time and in the back of my brain I honestly did not want her swimming I mean I endured it for so long I just wanted something different .....well she found a homeschool swim team in the next town over and made me take her there on Monday-turns out the pool pump was broken and they did not know when they would be back up and running-so mom gets a reprieve and swim crazy girl goes into overdrive--we MUST go to Target and find a one piece suit--ok this is the desert and it was snowing and hailing yesterday so chances of Target even having suits is pretty slim.............well she found a suit and even the largest kid size was tight on her so we left disappointed until......making a u-turn to go home out of the parking lot G2 spies a swim shop (I think she is joking) I now know it is karma/fate/the gods playing some sort of sick joke cause it was a swim shop complete with swimmers working there believe me I know how they look, how they walk and that just got out of the pool look that stays on them 24/7

Dare I even tell them that this short pleasantly plump woman in front of them used to be a swimmer? lol uh yea I did HAH while beaming to them in brain waves ....this is what happens when you quit swimming and have 2 kids and are pretty happy with yourself overall because you are not wearing a seethru racing suit or showing off your assets because backstroke was your best stroke ahem back to the program here....... so as not to look totally the fool and I really did know what I was talking about when I was explaining that the speedo was a good suit.

G1 puts the black and grey camo suit she found on in the dressing room and turns to me and says 'uh is it supposed to go this high on the bottom?' this is the kid who wears swim shorts and swim shirt to the pool-- I tell her yes and proceed to talk about drag in the water (she is a science geek this appeals to her) so she says ok if it will make her faster....yea well kid I explain you have to learn how to do the strokes first and fast takes a lot of practice

so then she goes out and is talking to the aforementioned really nice guy swimmer that works there and wants good goggles and a cap.....then she tells me she thought she would be getting a body suit like those olympic swimmers were wearing and would she be fast like Michael Phelps? Uh how does she even know who he is we only watched fencing from the Olympics?????? And the swimmer tells her if she likes swimming she can join some local teams and she is all hyped up about it and he is telling her they practice almost every night (does he notice me hyperventilate and faint onto the floor?) then the blabbing in the car on the way home of which strokes she has watched and knows how to do and how to do a turn in the pool and how to dive in....what??? have I suddenly given her too much internet access? did she read a book on swimming?

So here I sit almost the mom on the side of the pool ready for swim team to start next week ready to start a new phase in my life ...and hoping that this fad for G1 too will pass but wondering what karmic justice this is......

....oh and if you were a swimmer you know that some swimmers just have those body types you've seen them the people who look like they walk funny on land but swim like a fish in the water....yea G1's nickname when she is running is Forest like Forest Gump so perhaps now we know why, she moves easier in the water than on land

and you know I did spend the whole last part of my pregnancy with her standing/swimming in the pool like for the last 4 months....

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