Bad stress BEGONE or How an Hexagonal Peg got her groove back...

....OK bear with me here, sometimes I make sense...you see lately I have been wallowing yes just wallowing in self-misery-stress, stress, stress was allowed to take over my life OY and I hit emotional bottom so hard that I swear I am gonna have permanent road rash scars (s'okay though it reminds me not to hit so hard again or if I do to get back up quicker)

kid's swim schedule
stuff in the news
taking care of my businesses
YADA YADA YADA but you get the idea right? And I know I am not alone in my concerns

In my un-professional opinion my hair even got more grey than even my father did at this age-took care of that on Thursday with some not quite 100% grey in the box coverage

But you get the imagery it was just stressful around here and I thrive on good stress but sometimes allow the bad stress to unbalance me and I have to keep reminding myself to STOP and take a breath...seriously smell the roses, hug my kids, besmooch my hub (oh goodness I just love him to pieces, 12 years on Xmas eve woohoo!)

OK so here is the story--Remember the TV show 'Square Pegs' ? Well I was not even a square peg growing up more like an hexagon trying to fit with the squares almost wishing she were a cool kid..ah but so glad I stayed true to my own geek (I even had Duck shoes, big poofy hair & giant Sally Jesse red specs, go 80s)

Wanna see? Take a peek at the Geek....giggle a little it s'okay..I DARE you to show yours

Such a dork I even took off my big glasses just to take a pic no worries I couldn't see the camera-I'm the one in the middle, from my Junior yearbook in 1988 (GASP, SIGH, THANK GOODNESS I AM NOT A TEEN ANY MORE!)

And hey look here is one claim to fame from my class--Liz Vassey of current CSI:Las Vegas fame although she has had a long successful career so far in acting and I wish her many more years..she is totally HOT now and I mean that in a good way

what are those Guess jeans, keds, big hair and jean jacket Ah good times, good times.....MOVING ON

Anyhoo...I have always scribbled and painted and sculpted my way through life....sewing was just one more outlet, I can still hear my mom pumping the foot pedal on her old Singer and I still have some of the costumes she made me (note to self: pull those out & more geeky pics kind of fun to be outed as a geek)

But you know sewing was never my passion until my kids came along and it just was where my art went, natural ebb and flow of creativity.....but honestly I have been trying to force my art as of late it just was not calling to me although I do love what I have made and my ability to experiment

So here is how I got my groove back suddenly as I lay dreaming I realized I have all these sketches why not create them in cloth????

Here are some paintings I completed that are in our stairwell art gallery--not gonna be studied in art history (more likely I will be a test case in psychology class) but gosh golly oh mighty just plain fun to paint

yes I know EVERY picture is crooked that is just how I roll and my hub has given up on straightening them cause I recrooked them...plus it just make life more interesting to be hung all crooked right?

DRUMROLL.......ALA my all time favorite movie 'Christmas Vacation' with Chevy Chase (watch it every year, every year) oh the lines I could quote

TADA!!! Here is my newest groove creator--I am calling them 'Momtastic Tableaux' a picture of fabric, no need for perfection here you wanna know why? Cause life is not perfect....will finish the hand stitching and details tonight and tomorrow and show you the finished project! I just have so many sketches and so many ideas in my head I am so excited they can now come pouring out..I will start to make them available for sale in either Etsy or Artfire (have not decided which format to use) and locally

This one is the bluebird of happiness cause we all have one sometimes we just neglect to listen for it and durn if I did not need one to practically scream into my ear

And whilst I was getting my groove on G2 went raiding the scrap bins again for an outfit to dress her beloved 'Pink Puppa' (a puppy) that is one snazzily dressed animal

Oh yea and well all my afforementioned problems well they are big and small but I am dealing with them one step at a time just keep me in your thoughts this week as we pay off some debts that have been looming --and thoughts to some good friends dealing with health issues this week I send my love with you

Boy I talk a lot....the HEXAGON IS BACK BABY!

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