Momtastic Stitchery Classes— Sew much fun creating by hand!

  • Discover your creativity
  • Learn hand sewing techniques.
  • Create unique handmade art.

WARNING: Class attendees might discover that they have overcome their fear of mistakes, recovered their mojo and rid themselves of any doubts about their ability to create art unleashing yet another inner artist on the world.

Monthly during the 2nd and 4th week.

Albuquerque, New Mexico ONLY

Afternoon classes are for kids (guys and gals) 10+-- Parents are welcome to take the class with your children but these are space limited so would prefer that kids get the first spots.

Evening classes are for adults only. I will provide food and snacks for these relaxing, creating adults’ night out.


Beaded Wrist Corsets 1-3PM Tuesday 8th

Beaded Wrist Corsets 7-9PM Friday 11th

Beaded Wrist Corsets 1-3PM Saturday 12th

Level: Beginners+

Techniques Learned: Simple hand embroidery stitches, Simple bead/button stitches, Simple appliqué

Class Description:

Decorate a ‘wrist corset’ with beads, buttons and more. Tie it on with a ribbon of your choice and wear your creation home. Make it fancy or plain, make it uniquely yours!


Fabric Collage 1-3PM Tuesday 22nd

Fabric Collage 7-9PM Friday 25th

Fabric Collage 1-3PM Saturday 26th

Level: Beginners +

Techniques Learned: Simple hand embroidery stitches, Simple appliqué

Class Description:

No construction paper or magazine collages here! In this class you will learn to create the same type of art with fabric!


Make Your Own Monster 1-3PM Tuesday 13th

Make Your Own Monster 7-9PM Friday 16th

Make Your Own Monster 1-3PM Saturday 17th

Level: Beginners+

Techniques Learned: Simple pattern creation, Simple hand embroidery and utilitarian stitches, Stuffing 101

Class Description:

Monsters come in all shapes and sizes, it will be up to you to design, create and stuff your own creature feature!


Zombies Rule (insert brains here) 1-3 PM Tuesday 27th

Zombies Rule (insert brains here) 7-9PM Friday 30th

Zombies Rule (insert brains here) 1-3PM Saturday 31st

Level: Beginners +

Techniques Learned: Simple hand embroidery stitches, Simple fabric applique

Class Description:

Zombies freak you out? There’s always fluffy bunnies! Or is it a vampire rabbit in disguise? Make your own disguise as we create masks to protect your secret identity on Halloween!:


Not Your Grandpa’s Embroidery 1-3PM Tuesday 10th

Not Your Grandpa’s Embroidery 7-9PM Friday 13th

Not Your Grandpa’s Embroidery 1-3PM Saturday 14th

Level: Beginners+

Techniques Learned: Lots of simple hand embroidery stitches!

Class Description:

Embroidery is not old-fashioned! Fresh, def, hip, cool, fabulous…whatever you call it modern embroidery is just plain neato (lol). Pick from various small designs or I will help you create your own.

No classes week of Nov. 24, 27, 28

Relax with family—go ahead impress them with your creations!


Don’t Eat Me! Gingerbread Men 1-3PM Tuesday 8th

Don’t Eat Me! Gingerbread Men 6-8PM Friday 11th

Don’t Eat Me! Gingerbread Men 1-3PM Saturday 12th

Level: Beginners+

Techniques Learned: Simple hand embroidery stitches

Class Description:

Make some quirky (or regular) Gingerbread people you can enjoy year after year—you can’t eat them but that does not mean they shouldn’t beware of each other, mwuahahahaha…

No classes week of Dec. 22, 25, 26

Yet another week to relax with family and friends…huzzah!


2010 Class dates and crafts to be added later.

10 people max.

Fees are $10 per class for first person—each additional family member $8 each. Sign up and pay for 6 or more classes in advance and get them for $8 each.

Because of limited space preference will be given to those who pay in advance. If you register and want to pay on the day of class I will let you know a few days in advance if there is still room for you.

You may make up a class within the week you missed it by coming to one of the other classes OR sign up for a different class in the same price range. No refunds.

Classes will not wait for you to start if you are running late.

I will provide all supplies and materials for these classes.

Classes will be held at my house on Albuquerque’s Westside (will provide address to registered students).

Items will be almost entirely hand sewn and all projects are intended to be completed within the class time unless stated. Any machine sewing will be done prior to class by myself.

No siblings during class time please. Please make sure you are back by the time class ends because we have other planned family activities. Snacks and bottled/capped drinks are ok to bring. We do have cats but they will be locked up during class time.

If you would like to register or you have questions please email me at MomtasticStitchery@gmail.com

Tabitha Orr, Owner Momtastic Stitchery


Future classes will include making items to be donated to local charities-more information on this soon. Discounts will be also be given when we make items for charities.

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