Monkeys have taken over the house, next the world...

Days 17-19 ( I decided to take a Blogger vacation this weekend so I will be catching up this week.)

The monkey king apparently demands strict obedience from it's minions-now one would think cats would be above monkeys but apparently Toph has decided to follow the monkey king's rule

Just one of the many beautiful blooms in our front yard right now-will get more pics today

Let's just title this one 'I just finished my 1st swim lesson, yes I am 9 years old but I just am not a big fan of swimming but mom and dad said if I don't learn I will not step one toe in the ocean or Grandma & Grandpa's pool EVER until I learn how to at least swim so do I look happy to you?'

Tee hee she did have a great time actually because we found a fantastic coach but she is a little mad that we finally put our foot down and insisted she at least know how to swim that being one of those life skills and all considering she goes to places where there is a pool and an ocean....you know the mark of a good coach who in the first lesson not only convinced her to float on her back without freaking out BUT put her head nearly under the water (give her take a half inch) without holding her nose or again freaking out....THAT is progress!

I just love baby orangutans don't you? Her mama is the lump under the blanket...there are so many babies at the zoo right now -trying to catch the new baby elephant at the zoo but she is only out for a little while each day.

Stack of flannel for PJs seeing as how the oldest is eating us out of house and home in yet another growth spurt and I had to make some clothes in WOMEN's XS sizes (yes I said XS SIGH BIG BIG SIGH-she is only 11 folks why oh why could she not have my 5' nothing height genetics?)

ewwww plastic cover looks terrible on serger-note to self...make cover for serger

and on to more monkey business...the wings for 3 of my flying monkeys

Each one has their own personality and are being dressed and accessorized accordingly-yes some are even getting lips

Ignore the bare light bulb glaring at you, no can't ignore it can you? Well neither can I but WOW you should have see it under it's original beautiful paper shade that existed on it until the cats declared it must come down or at least they wanted to redecorate the paper shade with well placed holes and slices paper art! yea that is what I am gonna go with for now

The clothes I have made I will have to catch the girls to take some pics because they went out almost as soon as they were completed which I always appreciate the excitement of something I made for them....Working on some more fabric collages and embroidery projects in the mean time....always a million things to do and a creative life to live!

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