Varmit or Varmint...Kill the Golfers...I want my MTV

I know weird title but go along with me here people

First up I spent a thoroughly enjoyable morning at Hipstitch with Heather just hanging out and chatting and I walked out with NOTHING I repeat I managed to go into a fabric store, pet a few of the lovelies and walk out empty-handed...what was I thinking? Well my husband was starting to worry a little because he felt I was getting a little 'my preciousss' about my fabrics here in the Lair so I waived off today

BUT that did not stop me from some lovely garage sales along the way there and back again (by Bilbo Baggins ooohhhooo oh yes I am mightily funny)

I found these two books a rather think embroidery sampling with some color photos and a Japanese design book

Here are some of the pics from the embroidery book this is one of the better ones I have found explaining some stitches I had not seen before....

And I really liked this book even in black and white the elements of Japanese style really come across and well I just like looking at all the old photos

And this guy just jumped into my arms and wanted me to make him my Momtastic mascot reigning over all goings on in my Creative Lair....we shall call him 'Gopher', 'Gopher the Gray Squirrel'

he has personality just like a certain gopher from yet another lively politically incorrect movie from the early 80s--Ah those shaped my formative years, good times, good times--sometimes a little too good lol

Speaking of 80s movies the blasphemy of them remaking Footloose just horrible--even worse is they are remaking The Karate Kid now don't hit me with any of your "wax on, wax off" crap oh sure it was good for the lines it brought to our culture and you can't get any better than THE ORIGINAL Mr. Miagi but pleaassee already I didn't like it the first go 'round Oh Jackie why have you done this too us WHHHHYYYY????

Here are some of my ideas for 80s remakes:
The Last Starfighter
War Games
16 candles

What are your favorite movies from the 80s??

but don't you get it movie people you can't be that politically incorrect any more so the jokes are gonna be so lame--long duck dong just won't make it past the cutting floor ok?!

Sigh so in 80s big hair, stupid hammer pants, parachute pants, members only jackets, guess jeans and swatch effigy I leave you with these songs...sadly and with many many many many regrets those in fashion are trying to bring back hammer pants THE HORROR PEOPLE THE HORROR and that article was filed under 'Beauty and Fashion' OY VEY

Yet more stupid 80s clothes--embarassment sets in as I realize I had one of those shirts

And well they won't let me embed it but this song SAYS IT ALL... 1985 Just watch the whole video and their costume changes see how many bands you can guess oh lordy just funny and my kids tell me I am uncool quite often although I never yearned for snakeskin mini I was more of a The Cure and Depeche Mode type rocker although I also attended Duran Duran and Pink Floyd Concerts...sigh those were the days now everything is just too loud (hang on I tripped over my walker, ok better now)but you better believe my girls are learning all these songs I sing too loudly and proudly after all we're just another brick in the wall--and damn they got hold and have teenagers

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