Come check out Momtastic's Artfire Store

Day 251:  My husband, family and I revamped our business plan this week with some new goals in mind.  So come check out our newly restocked Artfire store for great pillows, aprons and other goodies.  There are merely the beginning of a grand new creative direction!

Since we decided to start this business adventure a few years ago we have tried, worked, reinvented and tried again to be on a path that represented us and our family.  We love to create.  I love to sew.  I can't help but get a kick out of being able to work hard on a job I LOVE and that my family can work with me.  This joy, I have that, we have that, we are being creative and working hard on a business that is growing.

But one of the things that our family wanted as part of our business plan was to give back to the community although we had never figured out a way to give to ALL of the places we felt needed giving.  Now we have.  Every month we will be giving 10% of our profits to a different charity, these are the profits before shipping and taxes.  Sure we will start small but there are ways where small helps and we hope to grow.  These profits will not only include online sales but the seamstressing work I take on here in my home as well.  

My family has chosen a handful of charities both locally and worldwide but if you have some suggestions please let us know and we will add them to our list.  The charities must be a registered Not-for-Profit and have a website.  We will be checking them through a Charity Checker as well.

We are working on the website page this weekend that will link each charity and the amount donated each month so that you can see where the money is going.  

Starting February 1st we will be raising money towards a KIVA loan.  It is hard to believe as we struggle with bills here in the U.S. that $25 in another part of the world could change someone's life.  Before the 1st I will write a little more about it and post reminders.  So by shopping at Momtastic Stitchery's Artfire Store and utilizing my sewing services you will be making a difference both around the world and locally.  

You, my customers and friends, will also be making a difference in our lives.  Supporting local business IS community and my stitching your projects just helps to bind us together.

What will you create today?  What will we create together?

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