Favorite Things Four Seasons Hat Review

Four Seasons Hat Pattern made these as displays for a local store and they were just soooo much fun to make....

First up the Spring hat with the gathers around the crown and a banded brim. VERY EASY to put together just a great pattern all around. The only thing that I had to fix was it has you gather in the back part along the seam but I also put a little doodad on the front and a couple of stitches to gather there also so you would not have to fuss with the gathers every time you put it on. I like the scrunchiness of it and these colors are so cute.

Last up the Fall Hat with a bucket brim this was actually a lot of fun to make also flannel is so easy to work with...used bright yellow flannel and the decos were in Michael Miller Chocolate Bubbles. This was a great pattern and easy to put together. I made these both in the largest size so that is why they are so way big on the model....I added the band in bubbles around the crown part and a fake bow with a lovely flower in the back. Actually I love the bright yellow color with the bright bubbles can you just picture yourself in winter when it is so blah and you see this hat and it just perks up your day!

Considering the hats are being worn on a too short model and the hats are in large we got a lot of Dr Seussian comments in the household when she was wearing it but they actually don't look that big on and adjusted correctly lol...

All in all these were great patterns to use and I am going to look for the kid sized one that comes with the vintage jumper to make some that actually fit the girls

The flower doodad is the Fig Tree Posie Pattern and I used a flannel yellow yo-yo in the middle with a covered button, I actually enjoyed a few of their patterns I picked up and am going to look for more of them!

and if you want to see the hats in person and you are in Albuquerque check them out at HipStitch ! And can you believe someone wants me to make them a HB Happy Stacker after seeing it at the store....lol....

Edited to add:

Tip: If you are making the hat with the bigger piece cut for tucking I recommend ironing the crown top and the crown sides along the seams (around the circular top part) to be able to have flat area to start the tucks from.

Also note their tip in the pattern to put a ribbon or piece of fabric along the seam on the inside (the one along the side crown to brim pieces) esp when you are making it with the interfacing on the brim it can make the seam stiff and scratchy against the head.

Fabrics used:
Fall Flannel Hat
Sole Flannel by Valori Wells-FreeSpirit Fabrics
Michael Miller Bubble Blast Chocolate

Spring Woven Hat
Top Crown and Brim:
Amy Butler Daisy Chain Kaleidoscope Rose
Trim on Brim:
Moda Bella Solids Clover 9900 73
Gathered Crown:
Amy Butler Daisy Chain Mosaic Rose

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