Character inspired jackets & My (short) not very good ode to Artichokes

First up I wanted to show you the pics I took of me actually wearing my beaded wrist corset I showed you after beading this post ...I have gotten a ton of compliments because it is so striking-even teens and kids (they are a separate species ya know) said it was cool-does that move me up in cool mom status UH NO according to my girls but they tell me it does mean I make cool things...chuckle lol

And lets see I don't know about you all but we do Spring and Fall cleaning here and this weekend was IT....we cleaned out closets and bedrooms and everywhere in between decluttering together as a family SNIFF it was so BONDING I was so "verklempt" this I told the girls as they rolled their eyes

This is also when we plan what the girls need for Fall/Winter or try to plan anyway yea they still end up going out in highwater pants (which I tell people are capris lol) and since the kids INSIST on growing there are some things that they will need whether they are bought or made sooo trying to involve the ever changing and slightly picky and OF COURSE opposite spectrum dressing girls I asked for their input and went through patterns together

Jackets were a big individualized choice that they wanted this year- we have the sightly poofy warm ones but they want fall ones or ones that look cool and are able to be worn with layers...layers are very important in NM where it can change as much as 30-40 degrees in one day

Here is the jacket that G1 wants-yes it is a character from the Pokemon Colosseum game but I can tell the style she likes...course I also informed her she would have to either be in constant motion or travel around with her own fan blowing on her to make the jacket tails go out like that which earned me yet another inheirited withering stare

Image from borrowed from here

So I found something more uh realistic even if it is on a TV show and well who can resist the 6" something package it is wrapped around? We are big Smallville fans here and it is just a coinkidink that in the new season he is wearing this jacket--new season Sept 25th too bad we got rid of our Directv (yes we went from 800+ tv channels to 0 and no commercials) so we will have to anxiously await it to be on Netflix or Hulu, etc....

Thanks to the person here who created this picture cause there are no clear images I can find from the new season shots...thank goodness for fan sites.

Now on to G2's jacket...as I said above we got rid of our satellite TV so we have none...we have Netflix and the internet to watch shows--even though we sometimes are a little behind it is way worth not having to explain a 4 hour erection to a 9yo ya know? lol anyway so we got the movie 'Push' this weekend...reminds me of Bladerunner, seemingly low budget, scifi, no Harrison but it worked for me...I was not wanting to like it but like it I did and G2 liked the clothes the character Dakota Fanning wore, she says she liked the movie too but I dunno she does not really get into scifi it freaks her out a little and I will bet she was just studying the outfits

PS as an aside we also rented Coraline totally creeped out G1 in a good way they way and it's target audience, great animation, fantastic animation BUT G2 got really creeped out big bug eye freaked out which of course made us tease her a little about sewing buttons eyes onto her (ok just go read the book) but it was a good movie the book is better waay better as is his (Neil Gaiman's) other kid one The Graveyard Book but I digress

So here is the jacket from a movie still I found

And here is the back of the ACTUAL jacket yes for only a mere $1400 you could purchase the entire outfit Ms Fanning wore in the movie, a little creepy but whatever I found a good costume image resource--isn't it funny how the character tries to be so grungy looking yet her bag is a Dolce & Gabana?? can you say product placement, c'mon lesson for the kiddies say it with me ADVERTISING lol

And here is my reward for the hard work today--ARTICHOKES--first they smell up the house with garlic, olive oil and simple spices making my tummy rumble in anticipation then as I sample the first leaf my taste buds go wild--some melted butter, some squeezed lemon and I sit downstairs sneaking my own personal goodness before the kids realize someone in the house is having a treat without them (it's like a second sense I have come to learn) and circle like vultures until I prepare theirs...

...artichokes in my family are like a religion along with olives and well food in general...growing up in a household from cooking backgrounds in Italian, Greek and American our lives sometimes seemed to revolve around food.

When I have time later I will share this simple recipe for my dad's famous artichokes but right now it is off to spend some family time...
Mouth watering garlic cloves, home grown oregano and parsley YUMMM go ahead drool...it was that good--yes I actually cooked--I am not a big fan of the kitchen eating and cleaning OH YEA but cooking? NO....Hub hates artichokes so anything he hates he will not cook, fair deal...and when he comes home the kitchen is his relaxing time and we are not allowed to invade his space until he is done lol lol

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